The long-term sickness and disability foundation “Platytera” in Corfu is located in Platytera, in the city of Corfu, on a private lot owned by the Holy Metropolis of Corfu and Paxoi. It is a three-storey building with a basement. The building’s total surface area is 3,100 m2 and the semi-sheltered area’s is 480 m2. The building’s load-bearing structure is made of reinforced concrete and was constructed at a previous phase. The project was completed in three phases. In the first stage, 1990-1992, with a cost of 312,958.971 drachmas (phase B), all the building and electromechanical work was completed. During the second stage, 1992-1994, with a cost of 263,127.881 drachmas (completion) the interior shaping of the theater room was completed according to the echoacoustic study and the electromechanical installation study, which needed special lighting, ventilation, intercommunication systems, fire detection and fire protection systems and other specialized installations, especially designed and carried out for this room. The third stage, 1996-1997 with a total cost of 100,000.000 drachmas was about the shaping of the foundation’s second floor, with a total surface area of 400 m2. The second floor was an exhibition room and using light partition elements made of metal frame and plaster it was turned into rooms, sanitary rooms and sleeping quarters so that the foundation’s capacity would increase and it could house more people due to the great need.