This project concerns the restoration of the Venetian salt works storehouses in Lefkimmi, south Corfu and their conversion into a museum and the surrounding space re-shaping. The first phase includes the two, continuous, ground-floor storehouses with pitched roof and a total surface area of 870 m2. With the restoration work, the load-bearing walls were reinforced so as to achieve the building’s static adequacy, all the modern electromechanical installations for the building’s perfect function as a modern museum were put in and all the morphological elements that characterized the building as historic were pointed out. A new ground-floor building with a surface of 80 m2 was also constructed in the storehouses’ surrounding space to house the auxiliary services of the museum and the surrounding space was shaped. The second phase includes the gentrification work on the administration building and the surrounding spaces shaping. It is a two-storey building with a total area surface of 300 m2.
The restoration work helped preserve only the peripheral load-bearing stone walls and after being reinforced, the whole building was reconstructed and the first floor converted into a guest house and the ground floor into a cafeteria. Moreover, work on the wider surrounding space, 6,000 m2, was completed. An open air theater with 150 seats, parking spaces and flower beds were constructed and sett paving was carried out.