This is a 750 bed hotel spanning an area of 11.1 stremmata. It consists of the main, three-storey building with a basement and 15 independent buildings. It includes a restaurant, shops, disco, church, two pools, biological treatment installation, water pump and tank, open air bars, lounges and tennis, volley and basketball courts. The buildings’ total surface area is 14.000 m2. It is styled with traditional Corfu elements and is one of the best and most beautiful hotels
of the island.


The hotel, underwent an extended modernization program, renovating all
of its 290 rooms, of which, 170 were completed from 11-01-2013 to 04-15-
2014 from ERGONOMIA S.A.
The completion of the remaining rooms and common areas will be
completed from ERGONOMIA S.A. from 11-01-2014 to 03-30-2015.