"Ergonomia S.A." is a technical 4th class constructing company, which is expertised in building works of public and private projects. The company is housed in private offices in Athens, on 29 Antinoros st, and also has offices in Corfu, in the center of the town. The company was founded in 1996, by its President and CEO of the company Mr Pantazis K. Toumpouros. The private and public projects started by 1973, when its president, individually or as part of various companies and consortiums, had been active.

The responsibility, the organizational skills and the experience of our people are the basic reasons why "ERGONOMIA S.A." is established in the greek technical market. The complex and innovative projects are part of our brand name. What is interesting to notice is that the projects are always on time, according to our client desires.

The company has studied and constructed great works all over Greece, most of them though in Corfu.